Drive a car when you need to

and earn when you don't

Vehicle of the Week

Bentley Continental GT

Hosts can make $5,686 a month and $70,458 a year* in car rental income by renting out their Bentley Continental GT. 

Meanwhile, renters can save roughly 30% by booking this vehicle through SHAiR instead of a traditional car rental company.

*Based on 12 car rentals a month at a daily rate of $489


Rent a car with SHAiR and support O.U.R. a nonprofit dedicated to ending child sex trafficking

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SHAiR is the peer-to-peer car sharing app that values safety and peace of mind above all else. We offer a platform with state-of-the-art verification technology to protect hosts and renters alike, so you can drive a car when you need it and make money when you don’t.

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