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In a few quick steps, you can turn a liability into a cash-flowing asset!

Posted 7 month(s) ago

Ok, so it’s a couple more steps than that. But the end result is the same—a semi-passive and reliable income stream. In this post, we’re going over how to list a car on carSHAiR’s peer to peer car sharing network. 

Before You Start

Make sure you have the carSHAiR’s car sharing app downloaded. You will also need to create a profile and be verified to drive in order to become a Host. This takes 5 minutes to complete and will require you to submit:

  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Driver’s License
  • Selfie 

You will be notified of your status by the end of the business day. Once you’re verified, you can move on to creating your listing.

Making the Listing

 As the app states, you’ll need the following in order to complete your car posting:

  • Vehicle Information - This includes the car make, model, and mileage 
  • License Plate and VIN - Provide the 17-digit VIN and 5–8-digit license plate number
  • Car Address - Keep in mind this will be your default pick-up and drop-off location for rentals
  • Car Photos - Snap photos of the interior and exterior of the car and from all angles

Once you’ve created the listing, make sure that it’s live. You can tell your listing is live if you click “Host” on the menu bar and go to the Fleet tab. Under Posted Vehicles, you should be able to find your newly listed vehicle. The status of the vehicle should be visible directly above the car nickname.  

Last but not least, you may still want to review your vehicle post to ensure all the information is correct. We recommend reviewing all the different components of your listing from Availability Calendar to Trip Preferences. For your convenience, here are some of the most important components: 

Price and Discounts

As a host, you have the ability to set your own daily rate. We only ask that if your  car is valued at $135,000 or more that your daily rate must be at least $150 a day. Need helping price your car? Reach out to our live concierge who can help you set a competitive price! 

You can also choose to give discounts for longer-term trips. We recommend giving a 10–15% discount for week-long trips and a 30–35% discount for month-long trips.

Coverage Package

By default, your vehicle will receive the Minimum Plus coverage plan. This is the “lowest   coverage for the most generous split” and will allow you to keep 20% of the daily rate. However, you have the option between four different plans, each with varying levels of protection and with varying profit percentage splits.

Trip Preferences

Supposing you don’t want to go through the trouble of cleaning and refueling the car for  really short trips, you can also set a minimum trip length to minimize your work. Conversely, if you can’t go without your car for long periods of time, you can also set a maximum trip length.

Mileage Allowance

After you’ve created the listing, you will have the option to set a mileage limit for day-, week-, and month-long trips. You can also set the overage fee, or the price they will pay per mile that they exceed this limit. 


If you’d like renters to have the option to return the car without washing and refueling it, you can offer them the express package for an additional cost. The default price for this service is $60, but you can charge up to $250. However, you can turn off this option if It’s not cost-efficient for you to do so. 

Exchange and Delivery Locations

While the address you previously provided for your car will be the default pick-up and drop-off location for all trips, you can also give renters the option to have their car delivered to a specific location. For instance, if you like to offer delivery to a local airport or popular hotel, you can set that under Exchange and Delivery Locations by querying a location, clicking on the location in the map above, and hitting the “select location” button. Then, simply set your delivery fee and hit “Save.”

You're on Your Way!

By now you have posted your first vehicle with carSHAiR. You are on your way to earning passive income and paying off those car loans, increasing your monthly savings, or living the lifestyle you deserve!