peer to peer car sharing


If your car sits parked a majority of the time, maybe it's time to consider creating another income stream with car sharing.

Posted 5 month(s) ago

Private cars and trucks tend to sit unused about 95% of the day.

You might be thinking, “Well what can I do about that?”

Well, actually, lots: you could help deliver Amazon packages, drop off kids for busy parents, or provide rides for car-less pedestrians. 

Of course, all that requires spending time on a side hustle—time which you may not have.

That’s where peer-to-peer car sharing comes in. 

The Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Marketplace 

Car sharing is different from ride sharing services. An Airbnb for cars, carSHAiR allows private vehicle owners to make their cars available for rental through an app

Car Sharing Versus Car Rental Services

Peer-to-peer car sharing isn’t like renting a car. Continuing the AirBnb analogy, car rental companies are a lot like hotels. Stuffy, unimaginative, and overpriced. Plus they confine the profits to one large company, instead of helping out local entrepreneurs. 

Claim your own piece of the car share pie by listing your car or truck. Become a host in the carSHAiR app, set your rates, take images of the vehicle, and list its availability. Owners can set their own prices and use the money to pay off a car note, pay off other debt or reinvest their profits by buying a better vehicle that will have higher demand and higher profits.

Here are the benefits hosts can look forward to:

  • List their vehicles for free 
  • Set their own availability and pricing
  • Act as their own bosses by owning their own fleet
  • Earn unlimited income

Why Owners are Making the Switch

Car sharing is steadily growing in popularity. A Strategic Analytics database found that there are: 

  • Around 50 different peer-to-peer operators 
  • About 42 million hosts and guests 
  • Just over 1.3 million cars and trucks

Additionally, with car sharing, the income’s more consistent. Instead of sitting around and waiting for riders to make a request, owners can know in advance exactly who is interested in booking their vehicle. 

 Car Sharing: Making a Comeback After COVID-19

The pandemic took a toll on the car sharing market. Most car sharing sites reported that they only used their vehicles for emergency situations (first responders, healthcare workers, etc.). Now, almost a year later, operators are finding renewed interests in P2P vehicles.

After staying indoors for so long, people are ready to get back out there. A recent survey found that 56% of people stated they will travel the same amount or more than originally planned once COVID eases. 12% want to make up for a trip they had to cancel. With renewed interest in cost-saving transportation, guests are turning to the car sharing economy for more and more bookings. 

Capitalize on these opportunities by getting your car on the carSHAiR platform today.