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Labor Day is fast approaching. Here are some car-friendly trip ideas for Labour Day 2022!

Posted 8 month(s) ago

It’s not too late to take advantage of the good weather. For that last taste of summer, book a car this long weekend.

In case you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve put together a list of our favorite things to do for Labor Day Weekend 2022.

Show Your Team Spirit

If you’re looking to be around people or just want a high energy activity, then hit the bleachers. College football season just started and baseball is also still going strong.

Drive to the game in style in a luxury sports car. Or if you want something more engaging, plan an unforgettable tailgate party in the back of one of our vehicles.

Our tips would be to find something with 1) an impressive sound system so you can blast your music, 2) a roomy trunk or cabin so you can store all your party equipment and 3) an actual tailgate that can serve as seating or a food prep area. Just make sure you wait an appropriate amount of time before driving or appoint a designated driver.

Our picks: Bentley Bentayga, Ford F-150, Ram 1500, Jeep Cherokee.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

There’s a reason why it’s called retail therapy. Recharge over the long weekend with a shopping trip to your favorite stores. Chances are they’ll have a huge Labor Day sale going on.

Grab a roomy SUV that can fit all your friends (and new purchases), or turn heads with a sleek sports car.

Some additional features you might want to look for are parking assist so you can squeeze into those tight parallel spots and hybrid or electric options so you can spend more money on yourself and less on filling up the tank.

Our picks: Tesla Model X, BMW i3, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

A Camping We Will Go

Need to get away from the crowds? Get in touch with your inner boyscout with a trip to a state or national park. You’ll be able to hike, swim, and eat s’mores by a roaring fire.

While camping is more packing-intensive, you can make it easier on yourself by booking a roomy vehicle that can handle all your gear. Upgrade for a model with climate control and luxurious seating so the drive is comfortable for everyone.

Our picks: Land Rover Defender, Audi Q8, Jeep Wrangler, Subaru Outback.

Movie Marathon

As the weather gets colder, cozy up with your date at a drive-in movie. Lots of parks have drive-in movies over the weekend, so you’ll have your pick of new and or nostalgic cinema.

For an Instagrammable moment, book a vintage or classic car that fits the old-timey romance of a drive-in theater. Or, for a more laid back feeling, rent a car with a tailgate so you and your date can stretch out your legs.

Our picks: Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Toyota Tundra.

Stay in the City

Not down for a crazy adventure? Keep things super low key, but still fun by sticking to your neighborhood. You can find small community events like concerts in the park and local theater productions. If there’s a nearby orchard, you can spend the day apple picking and just load in your goodies in the back.

For those less keen on crowds, take a private drive down a scenic and windy path. End up at the top of a lookout point for some amazing city views. Or, if you’re a foodie, make reservations at that new and trendy restaurant that you’ve been dying to try.

There’s plenty of enjoyment to be found right in your city if you just have the right mindset, company, and transportation.

Our picks: Ferrari Spider, Maserati Ghibili, Audi R8, Bentley Continental

Make this Labor Day the best one yet!

No matter what you end up doing, indulge in a car rental to give your 2022 Labor Day Weekend a little extra oomph.

Check out our fleet here.