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Frequently Asked Questions

For Host

Sharing your car is quick and easy. Plus, it’s totally free. Just enter your VIN and plates, snap some photos, set the daily rental price, and bam! Soon enough, you’re car sharing like a pro!

It depends on a couple factors. For instance, your car make and model, your location, and your availability. After all, a Porsche 911 by LAX is going to generate different income than a Toyota Prius in the Inland Empire. But, even our most affordable car, a 2012 Sonata, produces $500 a month.

You set the location for pick-up and drop-off yourself. That way you’ll never have to travel to a place that is inconvenient for you.

As a Host, you have the option of offering vehicle delivery to popular places such as airports, hotels, etc. for an additional charge. Or you can go for the more convenient option and have renters meet you at home, work, or a subleased parking spot.

At SHAiR, we know there are different rides for every vibe! As long as your car was made in 2000 or later, has under 100,000 miles, and is in prime working condition, we want you to SHAiR it!

You can set minimum and maximum rental periods in your vehicle’s settings.

Want only month long rentals? Set a month as your minimum trip length. Can’t part with your vehicle for more than a day? Make your maximum rental period one day. SHAiR gives you all the customization and options you need to stay in control of your car(s).

We encourage users to have as little face-to-face interaction as possible. Conduct all necessary communication through the app before, during, and after the trip, and make use of things like lock boxes, key hooks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes to ensure the safety of all parties involved. We also ask that users wear whatever protective materials (face masks, gloves, etc.) are mandated or recommended in their areas.

For more information on how to keep your SHAiR vehicle clean and sanitized, reach out to us at contact@carshair.com.

Check your leasing agreement to confirm that carsharing is not prohibited.

Do your due diligence and stay within the existing policy. Or, contact the dealership or manufacturer and ask what it would take to add car sharing to your contract. Some manufacturers have special plans that allow ridesharing or carsharing for an additional cost.

SHAiR lets you customize your vehicle’s availability to ensure that you’re never without your vehicle when you need it. When you realize how many hours a day or days a week your vehicle goes unused, you’ll discover how profitable and convenient car sharing is.
Don’t worry. SHAiR handles all transactions and payment processing. You’ll never have chase down a Renter for a payment. Just set the price you’re willing to rent your vehicle for, and let SHAiR do the rest!

We get it. Things happen. That’s why you always have the option to cancel a Driver’s reservation. In these situations, we’ll handle accommodating the Driver with an alternative vehicle.

However, we also encourage hosts to take advantage of our entire fleet of vehicles to meet their transportation needs. Consider renting an alternative for yourself before canceling another user’s trip.