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Host FAQs

How much income can I earn?
Depending on which carSHAiR coverage package you choose or whether you choose to insure yourself, you can earn between 65-95% of the daily rate whenever your vehicle is booked!

Host Income

Daily Rate


Minimum Plus


Host Provided

Income Earned 






Coverage Cost






What about the depreciation?
Vehicles depreciate up to 60% within the first 5 years. That being said, if you choose to car share, you will be able to offset the loss in value of your car with the additional income you make by using our platform.

I lease my vehicle. Am I allowed to use carSHAiR?
We recommend checking your lease agreement to see if the contract you signed allows others to drive your vehicle. If your lease allows you to vehicle share, then we welcome you to the carSHAiR community!

Can I offer hourly trips?
Soon, Hosts will be able to offer hourly rates. Currently, trips are calculated in 24-hour increments—in other words, based on a daily rate. You can also offer discounts for longer trips to incentivize Renters to keep the vehicle longer. We also provide a carSHAiR Car Calculator so you can calculate recommended rates for your vehicle(s). We provide this tool for your benefit, but you are not required to use it when setting your rates.

How can I better market my vehicle(s)?
We are constantly driving traffic towards the carSHAiR app and website. We also encourage Renters to leave reviews on Hosts’ cars and handle any questions that potential Renters may have. To help us better market you, we just ask that you take clear and enticing photos of your vehicle(s) and provide an engaging description of what potential Renters can do with your vehicle(s).

Can I choose my daily rate or does carSHAiR set the price?

All Hosts may choose their daily rate so long as the vehicle is listed for a minimum of $50/day. If your vehicle is valued at more than $135,000, your rate must be at least $150/day. 

How do I get paid?

When you post your vehicle you will be prompted to enter the required banking information: routing number and account number, social security number, and EIN if it is a business for tax purposes. carSHAiR is not able to access this information; we use a third party who will be in charge of facilitating your payments.

How often will I get paid?

Your earnings will be paid out to you 3-5 business days after the trip is completed. When a Renter returns your vehicle, you are required to complete the check-out process within the platform. If you do not complete the check-out process, you will not be paid because your trip will remain under ongoing status. For trips that are longer than 1 week, you will be paid each week for the entire time your vehicle is booked.


  • A Renter booked your vehicle for Monday through Wednesday for $500. Once your vehicle has been returned and you complete the check-out process, you will be paid 3-5 business days thereafter.

  • In the same week, a new Renter booked your vehicle on Thursday through Monday for $1000. After your vehicle has been returned, you will also be paid 3-5 business days after that completed trip 

What is the time commitment like for a Host?
Setting up your profile takes approximately 10 minutes and our Hosts report that they spend about 2 minutes per booking. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Using carSHAiR allows you to set your own schedule and approve trips on the days that work best for you. Want your vehicle for the weekends? No problem! Just block weekends off on your calendar in the app. You can also get the most out of carSHAiR by listing multiple vehicles on the platform.

Who can list on carSHAiR?
Every User (renters and hosts) must get verified with carSHAiR. Then, as long as your vehicle meets the approval requirements (see below), you can become a Host on carSHAiR. 

What vehicles can I post on carSHAiR?
The minimum vehicle eligibility requirements are:

  • Manufacturing year not greater than 10 years from the current date unless it is an approved “classic vehicle” (see below for guidelines on classic cars)
  • Must be privately/commercially bought or leased
  • Must be privately/commercially insured by Hosts (tag and title)
  • Odometer/actual mileage under 100,000 at time of listing
  • Must pass vehicle inspection within 1 month of listing
  • Title must be clean; no title “washing;” no salvage or branded titles
  • The host must opt into their local toll programs if applicable
  • The vehicle must be in excellent condition mechanically, technologically, and aesthetically
    • No “occasional” performance issues, known engineering defects, or technical problems are permissible
    • Is a non-smoking vehicle

Are there special exceptions for certain vehicles?
Special exceptions may be made for classic cars and/or rare vehicles manufactured between 1990 and 2000, depending on the mileage, condition, and member demand. To appeal for special exceptions, please reach out to the carSHAiR Team through the live chat, available on both our app and website.

  •  How long will it take to determine if I qualify for a special exception?
    We will do our best to respond to your request within 24 hours.

What’s needed to post my vehicle?
You will need 14 or more current photos of your vehicle* and some basic information. You also need to become verified on the app, which takes about 5 minutes. See the complete list below:

  • Vehicle make, model, and year
  • Photos of the vehicle (minimum 8 interior,  8 exterior, 1 of fuel gauge, and 1 with license) 
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Vehicle license plate number and expiration date

Are inspections required to place my vehicle on the carSHAiR platform?
Hosts must pass a vehicle inspection within 30 days of being active on the platform. If a Hosts’ vehicle has been in an accident, Hosts are required to pass another inspection before setting their vehicle as active on the platform again. Please use the following form:

- Vehicle Inspection Form 

Please submit it to 

For more information, use the live chat via the website or app to chat with our live Concierge team 24/7.

Can I post my vehicle(s) on other platforms simultaneously?
Absolutely! We want you to be able to make the most of your vehicle because we believe in empowering our Hosts to earn income. We do not have a vehicle exclusivity policy, but please check with other car-share services as each will have its own policies.

*Pro -tp: If you have your vehicle listed on another car-share platform and it gets booked, be sure to come back to your calendar on carSHAiR and mark your vehicle(s) as unavailable for those dates. 

How can I manage my vehicle(s) if I use more than one platform?

We encourage you to use CarSync. io to get the most out of your car-sharing business. This tool will help you manage your bookings if you are using more than one peer-to-peer platform.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Create an account 
  3. Go to settings then select platforms and emails
  4. Select Connect (or Connect another if you already have another platform integrated) 
  5. Select carSHAiR 
  6. Enter your carSHAiR credentials 


  1. All of your messages from each platform will show up in your CarSync inbox
  2. All your reservation requests can be viewed in one place 

Can I get a security deposit from the Renter?
The Host is responsible for obtaining a security deposit for their vehicle. carSHAiR will not be responsible for any damages or payment processing for the deposit. 

Why is my VIN number or address not recognized by carSHAiR?

When entering any information about your account or posting your vehicle, make sure you are not copying and pasting your information. Please carefully type each character into the text box. This is a security feature to help protect the community from spam and robots!  

Why do I need to be an approved Renter on carSHAiR when I just want to post my vehicle?

All Users are required to pass our security and authentication process to prevent fraud and other criminal activity. This is so we can protect our community and users.

Is there an age restriction for Renters?
Yes, to become an approved Renter in the US, the applicant must be at least 21 years of age. Young Renters (under 29 years of age) will also be charged an additional fee to better protect our Hosts. Renters aged 25 years or younger may not rent vehicles with an MSRP of $135,000 or more.

Where can I view my vehicle?

To manage your vehicle(s), use the Host tab. Select the Fleet tab and all of your postings will be viewable. Each vehicle should have a corresponding image and name. 

How can I edit one of my vehicles?
To make changes to your vehicle, confirm you are viewing the Fleet tab, then select the vehicle you would like to edit. You will then be asked which of the following fields you would like to update:

  • Availability Calendar
  • Price & Discounts
  • Exchange & Delivery Locations
  • Renter Introduction & Instructions 
  • Public Photos
  • Vehicle Details
  • Packages
  • Mileage Allowance
  • Coverage Package
  • Trip History
  • Trip Preferences 
  • Reviews
  • Car Guide

Simply select any of the tabs above*. Before exiting any tabs, be sure to save your changes if you would like to make your edits public.

*Pro-tip: We recommend being as consistent as possible so avoid making multiple changes a week to move yourself up in the host rankings.*

How will I know if my vehicle is live? 

To check if your vehicle is active, see if there is a bright green circle next to the word Live. You can find this next to the image of your vehicle under the Host tab.

How can I set pick-up or delivery locations?

Where you allow your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off by Renters is completely up to you! Often, Hosts will choose a few popular locations, such as airports, nearby attractions, or a location in a city’s center. 

If you should choose to offer different exchange locations, be sure to specify these locations and the amount you would like to charge (if you choose) to make this the exchange point. Exchange and delivery fees are at the Host's discretion.

*Pro-tip: Make sure to communicate about the pick-up location with the Renter via the app’s messaging feature. This will help save you and the Renter any time or confusion prior to check-in. 

What does it mean if I pause my vehicle? 

Instead of removing your vehicle from the carSHAiR platform, you can temporarily make it unavailable. Pausing your vehicle gives you the advantage of not having to re-upload your vehicle's information and photos. When your vehicle is paused, Users will not be able to view your listing. 

How can I pause my vehicle? 

If you would like to pause your vehicle, use the Vehicle Post Status located under your vehicle details. Change from live to paused and select save.   

What does restricted mean?

If your vehicle is marked as restricted it means it is unavailable to all Users and removed from search options. Restricted posts may be managed by the carSHAiR Team.

What is the difference between Paused and Restricted? 
Hosts can pause their vehicles at any time. If a Host would like to pause their vehicle but are having trouble doing it, the carSHAiR team can help them mark it as restricted. Restricting your vehicle will not delete it. It just means it is not viewable and Users will not be able to book a trip or search for your vehicle. 

How can I delete my car from carSHAiR?

If you would still like to remove your vehicle after speaking with a concierge member, you may do so using the edit feature in the Host's tab. Select the vehicle you would like to remove. Then select Post Status, and a new screen will appear. Scroll to the bottom to Delete Vehicle Post. Remember, deleting your vehicle post will permanently remove it from our platform and all search results. This action cannot be undone, so ensure you are certain before proceeding. 

How do I become a verified member?

Become verified through the carSHAiR app or website. Please follow these steps:

  1. First, select Profile on the menu bar. 
  2. Hit Get Verified (below the Confirmed Details section).
  3. Follow the prompts. Among other things, you will be asked to Enter your contact information, scan your driver's license*, and take a quick selfie. 

*Pro-tip: Your license must be in clear legible condition. This must be the license of the individual who is driving. Double-check that there are no worn areas or residue on either side and that there is no glare when you take the photo.

How long does it take to find out if I am verified?
The verification process will take typically 1-3 minutes. However, in some rare cases, authentication may take up to 24 hours for additional screening. In those instances, a concierge member will reach out to help you through the process.

How do I know if I am approved?
You can check under confirmed details under your profile. If you have two green check marks next to the Approved to Drive and email/phone number, you’re ready to post your vehicle or book a trip! 

Why do I only have one green checkmark?
To post your vehicle or book a trip on carSHAiR, you must pass all the verification steps when setting up your account. Be sure to use your current phone number as we may text you at this number with a verification code! Also, double-check that when you scan your license it is free of any dirt, scuffs, or residue. Most importantly, take your photo in good lighting and your selfie should be a mere 6 to 8 inches from your face because our 3D facial recognition software is very sensitive.

Why was I not approved?
carSHAiR has the highest security measures in place to protect the carSHAiR community. Here are some reasons why you may not have been approved:

  • You have an old version of the app. Check your app store for more details. 
  • You tried submitting a  digital copy of your driver’s license (like a photo of a license or temporary license) instead of a hard copy.
  • Your license is expired or a learner’s permit.
  • Your license is illegible in certain places due to holes, cuts, tears, excessive wear, etc.
  • You didn’t use your legal name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • The phone number you provided is not up-to-date.
  • You used an old address.
  • You have a criminal record.
  • You do not have a clean driving record:
    • Excessive speeding violations.
    • Driving under the influence or traffic violations.
    • More than 3 no-fault accidents within the past 2 years.
    • More than 1 at-fault accident within the past 3 years.
    • More than 1 reckless driving conviction within the past 3 years.
    • A DUI, DWI, DWAI, or similar offenses within the past 7 years. 

Can I get manual approval from the carSHAiR Team? 

If you were not approved during the verification process and you have a clean driving record and no criminal record, please reach out to the carSHAiR Team using the live chat feature for assistance. They may ask additional security questions and request additional documentation. Not all approval requests will be granted.

If I fail the verification, can I try again? 

Yes, you can check your app store to confirm that you have the latest version of the carSHAiR app. If you still encounter issues,  feel free to reach out to the carSHAiR Team using the live chat feature for instant help with your account set-up.

What if I need help managing my account? 

Our Concierge team is available 24/7 through the live chat feature in the app or on our website. 

Why can’t I manage my account by phone?

To prevent long hold times or menu prompts, we use live chat to be able to speak with Users within seconds. We have strategically sourced our team in the US and Canada to be able to provide help any time you need it! Perks of the live chat are that it can decrease troubleshooting resolution time and increase member satisfaction. Chats can also be saved so you may review them at a later date.

Who is responsible for cleaning the vehicle?
Renters are responsible for cleaning the car before they return it or they may be charged an inconvenience fee* for the damage.

What are your COVID-19 guidelines?

Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing a vehicle prior to every Trip is required to post your car on carSHAiR to decrease the risk of spreading germs, viruses, and infections. Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt, garbage, unreasonable debris, and impurities Disinfection refers to using cleaning agents and chemicals, like EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. 

carSHAiR is adamant about preventing the spread of the virus. Please be advised of the vehicle quarantine protocols:

  • If the carSHAiR Team is informed that a vehicle and its guests have been in contact with Coronavirus, the vehicle will be paused, quarantined, cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected for a minimum of 14 days before being returned to service.

What if my vehicle is returned dirty?
Renters are expected to clean the interior or exterior before returning your vehicle. If your vehicle is returned excessively dirty you may charge a reimbursement cleaning fee to the Renter. 

If there is damage to the seats (spills, dirt/mud, cigarette smoke damage, or any stains), you may request a cleaning fee which also includes a smoking fee if the vehicle needs to be cleaned excessively. Please review the Cleaning Policy.

  • You must have time-stamped photos uploaded for the trip for both check-out and check-in to request a reimbursement.
  • Reimbursements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How do I contact the Renter?
You must contact the Renter directly through the carSHAiR app by using the app’s messaging feature. 

*Pro-tip: Make sure to keep all conversations on the carSHAiR platform to speed up the process for reimbursements. 

Am I covered by my insurance policy?
Hosts must have insurance coverage on their vehicles before listing their vehicle on carSHAiR. In some cases, Hosts may be required to provide proof of insurance to the carSHAiR Team.

Does carSHAiR have an insurance policy?

We offer three different Coverage Packages to choose from through a second-party insurance provider. In addition, Hosts can use their own insurance if they have valid commercial insurance. In some cases, we may check to see if the Renters have their own insurance coverages before their trip. If your vehicle is involved in an accident or damaged, you may use the carSHAiR Coverage and request a claim.

  • Ultimate: You keep 65% of the daily rate 
  • Minimum Plus: You keep 75% of the daily rate
  • Minimum: You keep 85% of the daily rate 
  • Host Provided: You keep 95% of the daily rate

For more information, please refer to our Host Coverage FAQs. 

What happens if carSHAiR Coverage denies my insurance claim?

In the rare event that carSHAiR Coverage denies your claim, you will be given a coverage denial letter with reasons as to why the claim did not meet the requirements. You may also choose to use your auto insurance or pay out of pocket for the damages. If you need more information, refer to our Coverage Policy.

How am I protected against fraud?
carSHAiR utilizes several layers of authentication and verification so you can rest easy while your vehicle is out earning money. We have put some of the highest security measures in place, from Renters’ license verification to 3D facial recognition, so we’ve got you covered!

What is check-out?
This refers to when the trip starts, otherwise known as the pick-up date when the Renter takes possession of your vehicle.

What is check-in?
This refers to when the trip ends, otherwise known as the end date when the Renter returns your vehicle.

Does carSHAiR have designated check-out (pick-up) and check-in (return) locations?
At this time, we do not have specific carSHAiR locations for check-in or check-out. The Host is responsible for coordinating where check-in and check-out will take place.

Can I offer contactless check-out or check-in for a Renter?

At this time, all Hosts must be present when a Renter is picking up and returning their vehicle. This is so you can verify the driver of the vehicle and their license. Plus, be sure to get clear time-stamped before and after photos of your vehicle! Lockboxes or opting for codeshares are not permitted for use with carSHAiR; this may change in the future. 

As a Host, you are also responsible for adhering to state and or provincial guidelines for social distancing. 

If a Host violates these terms and conditions, carSHAiR will have the sole right to deny any claims related to the Host's vehicle.

What is required at check-out? 

Hosts are responsible for confirming that the Renter is, in fact, the person whose name is on the confirmed trip. Hosts must request that the Renter show their valid driver's license and credit card before handing off the keys for their booking. Lastly, when exchanging your vehicle with a Renter, be sure to take time-stamped photos before and after the trip which include photos of the license plates on the car. This extra security step will give you peace of mind when sharing your car. If a Host does not confirm the Renter before their trip, carSHAiR will be unable to assist in any claims or reimbursement requests made by the Host.

Hosts are required to:

Confirm Renter Documents (Shown to Host)

Physical copy of Renter’s driver’s license that matches the name on trip reservation 

Physical copy of credit card used for booking

Video recorded walkthrough with Renter 

Host Photos (Minimum of 14, time-stamped) 

6 Interior; driver and passenger side 

6 Exterior; driver and passenger side 

1 License plate clearly visible in minimum 1 photo

1 Fuel gauge (Host may request a photocopy of premium fuel receipt) 

Host due diligence

Demonstrate special features for operating the vehicle 

Remind Renter that only Renters associated with the trip may operate the vehicle 

Advise Renter that excessive speeding will result in immediate trip end

Advise Renter of No Smoking policy

Remind Renter of the check-in date, time, and location 

What happens if the Renter is late for a check-out?
If the Renter is late to the carSHAiR Spot and has not requested a new time, please follow the following steps:

  • Contact the Renter via the app messenger. You can search for the Renter’s contact information on the Renter’s profile. Ask the Renter when they will arrive at the SHAiR Spot.

  • If you are not able to get in contact with the Renter within 1 hour of their trip start time, please contact the carSHAiR Team through the live chat either via the mobile app or website.

  • Hosts may request a late fee reimbursement but will first need to inform the Renter through the carSHAiR app messenger that they are requesting a late fee.

What happens when the Renter is late for check-in?
If the Renter is late to the carSHAiR Spot and has not requested an extension, please follow the following steps:

  • Contact the Renter via the app messenger. You can search for the Renter’s contact information on the Renter’s profile. Ask the Renter when they will be at the SHAiR spot.

  • If you are not able to get in contact with the Renter, please contact the carSHAiR Team through the live chat either via the mobile app or website.

  • Hosts may request a late fee reimbursement, but will first need to inform the Renter through the carSHAiR app messenger that they are requesting a late fee.

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for these charges to apply if approved.

If you need more information on late fees, please refer to our Late Fee Policy. 

Can I change my check-out and check-in location?
Hosts may request a change in the check-out (pick-up) or check-in (return) location as long as the changes are communicated to the Renter through the app messaging feature and agreed upon with written confirmation. You must save these types of messages.


The host writes: “Hi Renter, do you mind if we change the drop-off location to 32nd Ave Parking Lot #3 instead of 22nd Ave Parking Lot #2?” Renter responds: “Hi Host, yes.”

Can I change my check-out location after a Renter’s trip starts?

Yes, you may change your drop-off location once the Renter’s trip has started as long as you communicate this with the Renter and both of you agree on changing the location with written consent. 

*Pro-tip: Hosts and Renters both have access through their profile on the carSHAiR app to connect and communicate with one another. We encourage Hosts and Renters to stay connected throughout the trip as we understand plans may change.*

A Renter has not returned, and there is another reservation starting soon - What do I do?
We encourage the Hosts to reach out to the Renter and ask when their estimated time of arrival at the carSHAiR Spot will be. The Host also needs to communicate to the Renter that they have another reservation starting soon. In some cases, Hosts may be able to request a late fee from the current Renter. Please see our Late Fee Policy for more information. 

What if the Renter was late returning my vehicle?

The Host may request a late return fee from the Renter. Please refer to the Late Fee Policy for a detailed breakdown. Hosts must submit the request through the app if charges do not exceed $250. If the Renter accepts the charges, the Renter will then be charged the agreed-upon amount. 

If the reimbursement will affect another trip that has been scheduled, the Host will then need to contact the future Renter who has a trip starting soon to inform them that their pick-up is delayed. The future Renter may also request reimbursement from the Host due to a delay in check-in. 

If a Host is requesting fees or reimbursements for late checkouts (returns), they must wait the 1 hour grace period. Hosts cannot request compensation for trips that ended more than 24 hours ago. 

What happens if a Renter returns my vehicle to a different location? 

If a Renter returns a vehicle to a different location that was not agreed upon with the Host, the Renter will pay an inconvenience fee of $50 plus an additional $1.00/per mile for each mile between the agreed-upon check-out location and the actual check-out location. Please note the inconvenience fee will not apply if the vehicle has been involved in an accident, requires towing, or has mechanical issues. 


A Renter is running late and needs to catch their flight. The Renter’s agreed-upon drop-off location is at One Bunker Hill in Los Angeles but they leave the vehicle at the LAX Airport without receiving prior written consent from the Host. The distance between the locations is 17 miles. The Renter will be charged $50 plus $25.50 for the mileage, totaling $125.50.

The Host would receive 90% of the inconvenience fee and 100% of the mileage fee. carSHAiR would receive 10% of the inconvenience fee to process this transaction.  

Does carSHAiR offer storage or parking lots if I have multiple vehicles?
At this time, carSHAiR does not offer storage or parking lots for those who have multiple vehicles. 

Am I able to cancel a trip if something personal comes up?
The simple answer is YES. If you choose to cancel a trip, your account may be charged a cancellation fee. See the following guidelines.

No cancellation fee:

We will not charge a Host a fee if they cancel within the free cancellation period. 

  • Trips confirmed with less than 24 hours' notice can be canceled for free up to one hour after you confirm the trip
  • Trips confirmed within 7 days of the trip will have 24 hours to cancel
  • Trips confirmed 8 days or more in advance can be canceled for free up to 72 hours before the trip starts

Exceptions may be made for:

  • Proof of flight delays or flight cancellations (must be in the Host’s name)
  • Severe accidents
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Bereavement

Cancellation fee: 

If you miss the free cancellation period, you will be charged a flat fee of $40 for the inconvenience it may have caused the Renter. Expect the fee to be charged immediately, but in some cases, allow up to 3-5 business days for processing. 

Can I change the dates for a trip?

You need to check in with the Renter as they may need to book another vehicle if their desired dates are no longer available. You can adjust trip dates in the app and submit a request to the Renter for approval. 

Need more information? Refer to our Cancellation Policy.

What happens if my vehicle is stolen?
If you suspect your vehicle has been stolen, please allow up to 24 hours for the Renter to return your vehicle before reporting it stolen to carSHAiR. Please follow these steps if you suspect your vehicle has been stolen:

  • Contact the Renter through the carSHAiR app.
  • Contact the Renter by phone. If they do not answer, leave a voicemail asking when the vehicle will be returned.
  • If you are unable to reach the Renter and your vehicle has not been returned within 24 hours of the trip end time, contact the carSHAiR Team through our live chat either via the mobile app or website.

What happens if accessories (stereo system, dash camera, etc.) are stolen? 

If anything is missing or stolen from your vehicle, you must immediately report it to your local police and fill out a reimbursement claim in the app. If the item is worth more than $250, then speak directly with the carSHAiR Team through the live chat either via the app or website. The carSHAiR team must receive the stolen property report. 

What if my vehicle is involved in a crime?

First, contact your local law enforcement. Then file a police report. 

What if my vehicle is in an accident?

  • Accident - Vehicle is undrivable:
    The Renter is required to contact you and report the accident to carSHAiR immediately. It is highly recommended that you request your vehicle be towed to the automotive body repair shop that will be repairing the vehicle, or to the vehicle’s home location if the vehicle is deemed a total loss. The carSHAiR Team will contact carSHAiR Roadside for the Renter to transport your vehicle.

  • Accident - Vehicle is drivable:
    The Renter is required to report the damages immediately to you and the carSHAiR Team. To be eligible for physical damage reimbursements, damages must be reported within 24 hours of the trip ending. Use the reimbursement button on the carSHAiR app unless the amount exceeds $250, in which case reach out to the concierge team for assistance.

Who is responsible for towing fees?

Depending on who is at fault for the accident, the at-fault party will be responsible for covering the towing fee. If there is negligence on behalf of the Host for not having a roadworthy vehicle, the Host will assume responsibility for the damage and their vehicle will be removed from the platform.

For example, if a Host’s tires are lacking the legal tread depth and were deemed the cause of the accident, the Host will be responsible for the damages and their vehicle will be removed from the platform until it meets all of carSHAiR’s vehicle requirements.

How long does it take to submit an accident claim?

Submitting an accident claim is simple and should take about 15 minutes. You will be notified within 48 hours of placing your claim on what steps to take next.

Who pays the deductible if my vehicle(s) has been in an accident?
Depending on who is at fault for the damages, the one at fault will be responsible for paying for the deductible. 

Renter at fault: If the Renter rear-ends another car during their trip, the Renter must report it to the Host and then report the accident to the carSHAiR Team. The Renter and Host will be responsible for paying their respective deductibles. If the Renter submits a claim for their insurance and it is denied, the Renter is fully responsible for paying for the damages.

  • In most cases, Renters will file a claim through carSHAiR’s coverage first. If for some reason this claim is denied, the Renter will need to submit a claim to their personal insurance company. If it is still denied, the Renter will be responsible for paying for the damages.

Renter not at fault: If the Renter is involved in an accident and was not at fault, the Renter is responsible for getting the other party's insurance information to file a claim.

Does carSHAiR offer a temporary vehicle if my vehicle has been in an accident?
At this time, carSHAiR does not offer complimentary replacement vehicles.

What happens if my vehicle is impounded?

If your vehicle is impounded and a Renter is not permitted to pick it up, as a Host you can request a reimbursement from the Renter plus an inconvenience fee. The Renter will be responsible for paying these costs if the tow and impound occurred during their trip.     

What happens if my vehicle is totaled and is deemed a total loss?

If your vehicle is involved in an accident while being used on the carSHAiR platform and is deemed a total loss, the responsible insurance party will pay the claim just as they would in a normal incident.

What if my vehicle gets damaged?

If your vehicle gets damaged over the course of the trip, please submit a claim to carSHAiR. 

Does carSHAiR cover loss of usage or rental car?

At this time, no. 

Does carSHAiR cover diminished value?

You are not protected for any diminution in the value of your car if your car is damaged and (not deemed a write-off) but repaired. There is no reimbursement for any potential reduction in value resulting from damage related to a trip. 

What if my vehicle needs replacement parts?

carSHAiR covers the reasonable and necessary repair of trip-related damage. We consider a reasonable repair to be the most cost-effective quality repair. Such repairs may include the use of like-kind and quality (LKQ) parts. The most common kind of LKQ part is an aftermarket part. Aftermarket parts are specific parts manufactured, remanufactured, distributed, sold, and installed by a company that is not the original manufacturer. LKQ parts also include parts that are recycled, reconditioned, remanufactured, or refurbished. They also include original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. LKQ and aftermarket parts are cost-effective, backed by a warranty (offered by the manufacturer), certified, tested, and in some cases, come with a money-back guarantee.

Are OEM parts covered?

carSHAiR covers the use of OEM parts on vehicles that are 2 years or newer and have fewer than 24,000 miles at the start of the trip. carSHAiR authorizes the use of aftermarket replacement parts for vehicles that have more than 24,000 miles or are more than 2 years old at the start of the trip. 

What if the Renter claims the vehicle was previously damaged?
At carSHAiR, we require that you take time-stamped before and after photos for every trip. This will help us determine if the Renter is in fact responsible for the damages. If the photos document the vehicle not having damage prior to the trip and then there are photos of the vehicle's damage after the trip, carSHAiR will not be able to file a claim through the Renter's coverage.

*Pro-tip: Photos should be clear, in good lighting,  time-stamped, and uploaded to the app before and after the trip. Photos should also include documentation of the fuel gauge and odometer before and after the trip.

What if my vehicle needs emergency service?

carSHAiR Roadside covers:

  • Tire changes
  • Jumpstart
  • Lockout
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Winching
  • Towing

If my vehicle uses a specific fuel grade, how can I protect my vehicle?
When posting your vehicle, please include the recommended fuel grade in the description box.

*Pro-tip: Communicate to the Renter the preferred fuel-grade using the in-app messaging portal and request a copy of the receipt for fuel.

Who is responsible for fueling?
The Renter is responsible for returning the vehicle with the same level of fuel. It is important to take clear photos of the fuel gauge before and after a trip.

If the Renter ended their trip early, am I required to offer a refund?

Any time a trip ends early, there is no penalty to the Renter or Host. As a Host, you are paid only after the trip has been completed successfully, so you will not have anything to pay back or refund. 

Am I responsible for refunds if a Renter has a complaint?
As long as the vehicle was delivered in satisfactory condition and there is no major difference from the photo representation of the vehicle, you will not be responsible for giving them a refund.

What happens if a Renter loses the keys? 

You should ask the Renter through the carSHAiR app whether or not they lost the keys. If they did lose the keys, you will need to submit a reimbursement request through the app. Use the reimbursement button. For more information, refer to the Hosts Reimbursements FAQs.

A Renter has returned my vehicle, and now I am experiencing mechanical problems with it. I believe they are responsible. How can I resolve this?

You can open a claim with the carSHAiR Team and get a mechanical inspection done. It will be very difficult to pinpoint the start of mechanical damage, but our carSHAiR Team will do their best.

If a Renter is late returning my vehicle, what should I do?
A Host is required to notify the Renter via app that they will be charged a late fee and they may not have coverage unless they extend their trip. If a Host does not contact the Renter, the Host will not be eligible for reimbursement. 

How can I get a reimbursement?
All Hosts and Renters are required to complete the check-out and check-in process. At the start and end of the trip, you are responsible for immediately notifying the Renter of any incidentals.  If you need to request a reimbursement from the Renter, please use the reimbursement form located in the app. An additional 10% inconvenience fee will be charged to the Renter if the reimbursement is approved. The Host can request a reimbursement for up to $250. If the reimbursement amount is greater than $250, the carSHAiR Team will need to be notified via live chat. Upon approval, please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to be processed.

What are the timelines for requesting a reimbursement?

  • You will need to submit a reimbursement request within 23 hours of the end of the trip if you are seeking compensation for the following:
    • Refuel
    • Tow or impound fees
    • Excessive distance driven
    • Interior and exterior cleaning, including but not limited to smoking and pet fees
    • Minor damage to interior or exterior, rims, scratches, etc. 

What is the process for requesting a reimbursement?

If the amount does not exceed $250, please submit a reimbursement form to the Renter through the app. If the Renter accepts the charges, please allow 3-5 business days for processing. If the Renter denies the charges, please contact the carSHAiR Team via the live chat.

If the amount exceeds $250, please submit the reason(s) for reimbursement within the appropriate timeline (see section above) to a carSHAiR Team Member. This is done by selecting the reimbursement button in the app to fill out the Reimbursement Form.

For all reimbursement requests:

  • Please notify the Renter of the requested reimbursement through the messaging feature in the app.
  • Include time-stamped before and after trip photos, receipts, and any written documentation between Renter and Host.
  • If there is internal or external damage to your vehicle, please submit the required photos via the app which will allow us to verify if the Renter is indeed responsible. Time-stamped before and after photos are required for a carSHAiR Team Member to determine if the Renter was responsible for the damages.
  • carSHAiR will review the documentation and determine whether the Renter is ultimately responsible for the damages.
  • If approved, please allow 3-5 business days for the reimbursements to be processed.

If carSHAiR approves your reimbursement request, the Renter will also be charged an additional 20% inconvenience fee. See Hosts Reimbursements FAQs for more details.

Are Renters allowed to drive out of state or to another country with the vehicle?

At this time, Renters are not permitted to drive internationally. carSHAiR coverage will not cover an accident that happens outside of the United States or in the state of New York, US.   

Can I limit the amount of miles/kms a Renter is allowed to drive?
Listing your vehicle(s) on the platform allows you to have total control over the number of miles Renters can drive. The trip mileage allowance is based on your daily mileage limit and the length of the trip. So, if your daily mileage limit is 200 miles and the Renter books it for 3 days, their mileage limit for the whole trip will be 600 miles.

*Pro-tip: Renters appreciate flexibility so having a higher mileage allowance may help increase your host ranking.*

Is there a minimum mileage allowance?

Host must provide a minimum of 200 miles per day for members.

Is there a minimum trip time?

There is no minimum trip time. However, Renters will be charged for the full day regardless if they use it for fewer than 24 hours.

Is there a maximum trip time?
carSHAiR does not limit the amount of time a Host can share their vehicle(s).

Can I charge excessive driving fees?

Yes, Hosts can charge up to a maximum of $1/mile for vehicles. The default overage is 0.50¢. These rates must be decided before a Member books their trip. By having clear guidelines and expectations, you’ll quickly move up in rankings and be on your way to becoming an Echelon Host!

Are tracking devices allowed/required?
At carSHAiR, we want to protect our Hosts and Renters at all times. All Hosts on carSHAiR are required to have tracking devices and kill switch—either our complimentary preferred tracking devices and disabling devices or personal devices provided they meet our platform standards (see below). A host will need to review and sign off on the agreement if they intend to use carSHAiR-provided equipment.

Hosts may also equip their vehicle(s) with tracking and other technology including, but not limited to:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System, tracks vehicle location)

  • Telematics (tracks driving behavior- speeding, hard braking, acceleration, etc.)

  • Lojack or disabling technology

  • Dash cameras (dashboard cameras) - forward-facing camera(s) with or without an audio, inward-facing camera(s) with or without audio

  • Exterior camera(s) with a view of the vehicle’s exterior

Are there exemptions for using your tracking device or disabling the device as a Host?

On a case-by-case basis, Hosts may be eligible to use their current devices provided they meet the platform standards. All Hosts will also be required to share any data related to any and all trips booked using the carSHAiR platform. 

Chat with our live Concierge team for more details or review our Terms of Service.

Are dashboard cameras allowed?
Dashboard cameras are a great tool for protecting Hosts and Renters. If a Host has a dashboard camera, it is our policy that Hosts must disclose this on their post, and Renters must give clear written consent for dashboard camera(s) recording(s). If a Host later enables a dashcam during a trip, the Host must receive clear written consent from the Renter. 

Follow these guidelines:

  • Forward-facing dash cameras must be disclosed on listing and consent must be given by the Renter.

  • Inward-facing dash cameras must be disclosed on listing and consent must be given by the Renter.

  • Dash cameras with audio recordings must be disclosed on listing and consent must be given by the Renter.

  • For privacy protection of a Host and Renter, if a Host violates these guidelines, they may be removed/banned from carSHAiR. carSHAiR has the right to handle these cases at its sole discretion.

*Pro-tip: You are required to use the carSHAiR portal to message the Renter to ask for and receive consent. It is important to keep a record of this agreement.

Are young Renters allowed to book trips?
As a Host, you have complete control over the minimum age requirement for booking your vehicles. If you choose to allow young Renters, they will be charged additional fees for insurance purposes. See guidelines below:

Young Renters Fees


Vehicle Daily Rate or Value

Additional Charge


< $100/day








Can I post a review of the Renter?
Absolutely! Hosts are encouraged to leave a review of the Renter as this will keep our carSHAiR community in the loop about other trip experiences. 

Where can I read reviews about my vehicle(s)?

To access all reviews of your vehicle(s), use the Hosts tab and select Reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to receive more bookings so be sure to remind Renters to leave you their feedback!

Does carSHAiR review comments?
carSHAiR will not always be able to review the User’s comments. Renters and Hosts are allowed to dispute reviews and submit them to the carSHAiR Team. carSHAiR will evaluate our community guidelines and confirm if the review contains harassment, threats, and or other violations.

How can I speak with the carSHAiR Team?
You can speak to a Concierge member through the live chat via our app or website. The live chat is available 24/7! That’s right, no elevator music, no long hold times, no menu prompt, just instant support when you need it from real people.

Can I be assigned a carSHAiR Team Member to help manage my account?

It is important to us that you have a seamless experience and access to support 24/7. As such, all team members will be able to see your chat history and assist you with anything you may need!

Where is the carSHAiR team located?  

Our team is based in the US and Canada. We do not outsource any of our support services.

  • Costa Mesa, California
  • Newport Beach, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Miami, Florida
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

What is the difference between an Account Manager and a Concierge Member? 

Both have extensive experience when it comes to all things carSHAiR. Hence, they share the workload. The Concierge team handles account management, troubleshooting, and onboarding of new members, with a focus on Host and member verification. Account Managers help manage large fleets for Hosts and relations with carSHAiR’s business partners. 

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