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Cleaning Policy

Hosts are required to provide Renters with a clean and disinfected car. Renters are responsible for returning the car in the same condition it was provided. If the car is not returned in the same condition, the Host may request a cleaning fee. Hosts are required to take before and after pictures of their vehicle which must be time-stamped and dated. If the cleaning fee is approved, the Renter will be charged an additional 20% inconvenience fee.

For example: A vehicle was returned dirty, and the cost of cleaning was $40. There will be an additional charge of $8. The Host would receive half of the inconvenience fee for their troubles, and SHAiR would receive the remaining $4 for processing.

To avoid disputes, Renters are required to take before and after photos of their trip to document the vehicle’s condition as well. These photos must also be time-stamped and dated. If a Renter believes they will not be able to clean the vehicle before returning the vehicle to the Host, a Renter may select a cleaning package at the time of booking their trip. This package cannot be purchased at the end of the trip.

Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt, garbage, unreasonable debris and impurities; including germs from surfaces. Cleaning; sanitizing and disinfecting a vehicle is required to post your car on SHAiR to decrease the risk of spreading germs, viruses and infections. All vehicles are required to be cleaned first and then disinfected. Disinfection works by using cleaning agents and chemicals, like EPA-registered disinfectants to kill germs on surfaces.

Due to Covid-19, SHAiR is adamant about preventing the spread of the virus. Please be advised of the vehicle quarantine protocols:

If the SHAiR Team is informed that a vehicle and its guests have been in contact with Covid-19, the vehicle will be paused, quarantined, cleaned, sanitized and disinfected before being returned to service for a minimum of 14 days.

The following minor issues are considered typical and are not eligible for a cleaning reimbursement:

  • Anything caused by typical driving behavior and weather, such as light dirt, water spots, and salt
  • Small marks or scuffs that can be cleaned off easily
  • Minor amounts of trash, such as water bottles and a food wrapper
  • Small amounts of sand, dirt, or debris on floor mats can be shaken off

The following issues may be eligible for a cleaning reimbursement at SHAiR Your Car’s discretion:

  • Pet hair (unless a Host has opted to list their car as Pet Friendly)
  • Significant mud and/or dirt on the car’s wheels or body
  • Unreasonable amounts of sand, food, dirt, or mud that can’t be shaken out and requires heavy vacuuming and/or steam cleaning
  • Spills, stains, or sticky residue on hard surfaces
  • Excessive amounts of trash and/or personal items left in the car

Cleaning Package Option:

  • Express Package: $90 fee and includes cleaning and refueling.

In the future, Hosts will be able set the price for washing and fueling at the time of booking. The Renter can either accept the fee or do it themselves before the vehicle is returned. The fee may vary depending on the type of vehicle. For example, fuel may be more expensive and a wash may be more expensive on a Mercedes-Benz G-Class than a Toyota Prius.

If the Renter does not purchase a cleaning package, they are responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior and refueling the car.

Receipts must be submitted to the SHAiR Team for approval and time-stamped before and after photos. There are no exceptions to this policy.

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Last updated: April 14th, 2021