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Host Onboarding


Who can list on carSHAiR?
Every Member (renters and hosts) must get verified with carSHAiR. Then, as long as your vehicle meets the approval requirements (see below), you can become a Host on carSHAiR. 

I lease my vehicle. Am I allowed to use carSHAiR?
We recommend checking your lease agreement to see if the contract you signed allows others to drive your vehicle. If your lease allows you to vehicle share, then we welcome you to the SHAiR.CO community!

What vehicles can I post on carSHAiR?
The minimum vehicle eligibility requirements are:

  • Manufacturing year is not greater than 10 years from the current date unless it is an approved “classic vehicle” (see below for guidelines on classic cars)
  • Must be privately/commercially bought or leased
  • Must be privately/commercially insured by Hosts (tag and title)
  • Odometer/actual mileage under 100,000 at time of listing
  • Must pass vehicle inspection within 1 month of listing
  • Title must be clean; no title “washing;” no salvage or branded titles
  • The host must opt into their local toll programs if applicable
  • The vehicle must be in excellent condition mechanically, technologically, and aesthetically
    • No “occasional” performance issues, known engineering defects, or technical problems are permissible
    • Is a non-smoking vehicle

Are there special exceptions for certain vehicles?
Special exceptions may be made for classic cars and/or rare vehicles manufactured between 1990 and 2000, depending on the mileage, condition, and member demand. To appeal for special exceptions, please reach out to the carSHAiR Team through the live chat, available on both our app and website.

  • How long will it take to determine if I qualify for a special exception?
    We will do our best to respond to your request within 24 hours.

What’s needed to post my vehicle?
You will need 16 or more current photos of your vehicle* and some basic information. You also need to become verified on the app, which takes about 5 minutes. See the complete list below:

  • Vehicle make, model, and year
  • Photos of the vehicle (minimum 8 interior,  8 exterior; 1 of the fuel gauge, and 1 with license) 
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Vehicle license plate number and expiration date

Are inspections required to place my vehicle on the carSHAiR platform?
Hosts must pass a vehicle inspection within 30 days of being active on the platform. If a Hosts’ vehicle has been in an accident, Hosts are required to pass another inspection before setting their vehicle as active on the platform again. Please use the following form:
- Vehicle Inspection Form 

Please submit it to 

For more information, use the live chat via the website or app to chat with our live Concierge team 24/7.

Can I post my vehicle(s) on other platforms simultaneously?
Absolutely! We want you to be able to make the most of your vehicle because we believe in empowering our Hosts to earn income. We do not have a vehicle exclusivity policy, but please check with other car-share services as each will have its own policies.

*Pro -tp: If you have your vehicle listed on another car-share platform and it gets booked, be sure to come back to your calendar on carSHAiR and mark your vehicle(s) as unavailable for those dates. 

How can I manage my vehicle(s) if I use more than one platform?

We encourage you to use CarSync. io to get the most out of your car-sharing business. This tool will help you manage your bookings if you are using more than one peer-to-peer platform.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Create an account 
  3. Go to settings, then select platforms and emails
  4. Select Connect (or Connect another if you already have another platform integrated) 
  5. Select carSHAiR 
  6. Enter your carSHAiR credentials 


  1. All of your messages from each platform will show up in your CarSync inbox
  2. All your reservation requests can be viewed in one place 

Can I get a security deposit from the Member?
The Host is responsible for obtaining a security deposit for their vehicle. carSHAiR will not be responsible for any damages or payment processing for the deposit. 

Why is my VIN number or address not recognized by carSHAiR?

When entering any information about your account or posting your vehicle, ensure you are not copying and pasting your information. Please carefully type each character into the text box. This is a security feature to help protect the community from spam and robots!  

Why do I need to be an approved Member on carSHAiR when I just want to post my vehicle?

All Members must pass our security and authentication process to prevent fraud and other criminal activity. This is so we can protect our community and users.

Is there an age restriction for Members?
Yes, to become an approved Member in the US, the applicant must be at least 21 years of age. Young Members (under 29 years of age) will also be charged an additional fee to protect our hosts better. Members aged 25 years or younger may not rent vehicles with an MSRP of $135,000 or more. 


Where can I view my vehicle?

To manage your vehicle(s), use the Host tab. Select the Fleet tab, and all of your postings will be viewable. Each vehicle should have a corresponding image and name. 

How can I edit one of my vehicles?
To make changes to your vehicle, confirm you are viewing the Fleet tab, then select the vehicle you would like to edit. You will then be asked which of the following fields you would like to update:

  • Availability Calendar
  • Price & Discounts
  • Exchange & Delivery Locations
  • Member Introduction & Instructions 
  • Public Photos
  • Vehicle Details
  • Packages
  • Mileage Allowance
  • Coverage Package
  • Trip History
  • Trip Preferences 
  • Reviews
  • Car Guide

Simply select any of the tabs above*. Before exiting any tabs, save your changes if you want to make your edits public.

*Pro-tip: We recommend being as consistent as possible, so avoid making multiple weekly changes to move yourself up in the host rankings.*

How will I know if my vehicle is live? 

To check if your vehicle is active, see if there is a bright green circle next to the word Live. You can find this next to the image of your vehicle under the Host tab.

How can I set pick-up or delivery locations?

Where you allow your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off by Members is completely up to you! Hosts often choose a few popular locations, such as airports, nearby attractions, or a location in a city’s center. 

If you should choose to offer different exchange locations, be sure to specify these locations and the amount you would like to charge (if you choose) to make this the exchange point. Exchange and delivery fees are at the Host's discretion.

*Pro-tip: Make sure to communicate about the pick-up location with the Member via the app’s messaging feature. This will help save you and the Member any time or confusion prior to check-in. 

What does it mean if I pause my vehicle? 

Instead of removing your vehicle from the carSHAiR platform, you can temporarily make it unavailable. Pausing your vehicle gives you the advantage of not having to re-upload your vehicle's information and photos. When your vehicle is paused, members will not be able to view your listing. 

How can I pause my vehicle? 

If you want to pause your vehicle, use the Vehicle Post Status under your vehicle details. Change from live to paused and select save.   

What does restricted mean?

If your vehicle is marked as restricted, it means it is unavailable to all Users and removed from search options. Restricted posts may be managed by the carSHAiR Team.

What is the difference between Paused and Restricted? 
Hosts can pause their vehicles at any time. If a Host would like to pause their vehicle but are having trouble doing it, the carSHAiR team can help them mark it as restricted. Restricting your vehicle will not delete it. It just means it is not viewable and Users will not be able to book a trip or search for your vehicle. 

How can I delete my car from carSHAiR?

If you have had issues with your vehicle or Users, please reach out to our carSHAiR Team through the 24/7 live chat or directly at 

If you would still like to remove your vehicle after speaking with a concierge member, you may do so using the edit feature in the Host's tab. Select the vehicle you would like to remove. Then select Post Status, and a new screen will appear. Scroll to the bottom to Delete Vehicle Post. Remember, deleting your vehicle post will permanently remove it from our platform and all search results. This action cannot be undone, so ensure you are certain before proceeding. 

Can I limit the amount of miles/kms a member is allowed to drive?

Listing your vehicle(s) on the platform allows you to control how many miles members can drive. The trip mileage allowance is based on your daily mileage limit and the length of the trip. So, if your daily mileage limit is 200 miles and the Member books it for three days, their mileage limit for the whole trip will be 600 miles.

*Pro-tip: Members appreciate flexibility, so having a higher mileage allowance may help increase your host ranking.*

Is there a minimum mileage allowance?

Hosts must provide a minimum of 200 miles per day for members.

Can I charge excessive driving fees?

Yes, Hosts can charge up to a maximum of $1/mile for vehicles. The default overage is 0.50¢. These rates must be decided before a Member books their trip. By having clear guidelines and expectations, you’ll quickly move up in rankings and be on your way to becoming an Echelon Host! 

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