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Late Fees Policy

In the unlikely event that a Host’s car is not returned to them on time, the Host is required to contact the SHAiR Team immediately through the live chat. If the Renter does not extend their trip, the Renter will not have SHAiR Coverage. It is illegal to drive without coverage. All fees will be charged to the original payment method as agreed to in our Terms and Conditions. If fees are approved, the Host will be paid out according to the selected coverage package for the trip.


    • Returns 1-24 hours late

Renters will be charged a flat fee of $100 USD or ½ the daily rate, whichever is less unless the Host has provided written consent for the extended trip, plus the applicable insurance package amount.

    • Returns 24-48 hours late

Renters will be charged a flat fee of the 1-day trip rate based on the average daily rate of the trip (including any discounts or promotions), plus the applicable insurance package amount.

    • More than 48 hours Fee

Renters will be charged a minimum fee of a 1-day trip at the current daily rate, plus a $20 late fee, as well as a possible $50 improper return fee if the Host had to retrieve the vehicle***. If a vehicle is not returned to the Host within 48 hours, the vehicle will also be reported stolen and local law enforcement will be notified. Please refer to the Stolen Vehicle Policy for more details.


  • Contact with the Renter or Host must be attempted through the messaging feature.
  • The Renter is required to make contact with the Host and the SHAiR Team.
  • A Host is also required to attempt contact with the Renter and SHAiR Team.
  • If the Renter does not make contact with the Host and the SHAiR Team, the Host’s vehicle will be reported as stolen and the Renter will be solely responsible for any damages and fees incurred.

Exceptions may be made for:

  • Bereavement

Processing Fees

If the SHAiR Team approves a late fee request, the Renter will be charged the relevant fee to their original payment method. In the event the charge is insufficient, the amount may be deducted from the Renter’s security deposit, plus a $25 processing fee which will go directly to SHAiR. SHAiR will receive 10% of the total fee plus the $25 processing fee.

For example:

  • A Renter returned a Host’s vehicle 1 hour late. The Host submitted a claim for a late fee. This penalty for a vehicle returned more than 1 hour but less than 24 hours late is $100.
  • The Host has the ultimate coverage policy, which at the current time of May 2021; means the Host keeps 70% of the earnings. The Host would receive $70 and SHAiR would receive $30 from the Renter.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, You can contact us:

  • By email:
  • Toll-free: 1.844.474.2478 (i SHAiR 8)
Last updated: September 14th, 2021