Mileage Allowance Policy

Hosts set the mileage allowance for their vehicles. On average, a Host will allow a maximum of 200 miles per day. Hosts also set the overage fee or the rate per mile that the Renter will be charged for driving over the mileage allowance. The overage fee may vary depending on the value of the car. Typically these can range from as little as $1 per extra mile for a standard sedan to$4 per extra mile for more exotic cars. The mileage allowance and overage fees are at the sole discretion of the Host and SHAiR cannot offer discounts on the Host’s mileage fees.

If a Renter would like to extend their trip or they suspect they will go over the mileage allowance, they should notify the Host in writing as soon as possible. For proper documentation, Hosts and Renters should communicate through the messaging feature on the app.

Be Advised: Hosts cannot change the extra mileage fee or mileage allowance during an active trip.

Renters who exceed the mileage allowance will then be charged the overage fee the Host has set. Time-stamped photos of the odometer must be provided to approve or dispute these charges. This is why we require Renters to photograph the car’s odometer and record the car’s mileage at check-in.

If the Renter would like to extend their trip, they must use the Calendar feature on the app to confirm availability and use the extend trip option. If a Renter is booking the same car with the same Host, the Renter does not need to pay an additional security deposit for the trip extension.

Excessive Distance Reimbursements

As a Host, you set the guidelines for overages or miles driven over the mileage allowance. This rate must be decided prior to a Renter booking a trip. If a Renter exceeds the mileage allowance, you must submit your request for the overage charges within 24 hours of the Trip’s end.

  • Submit a request within 24 hours after the trip ends to the Renter if the reimbursement does not exceed $250
  • If the fees exceed $250, please notify the Renter and contact the SHAiR Team using the live chat
  • SHAiR will keep 10% of the reimbursement amount for processing fees

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Last updated: April 14th, 2021