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Pets and Animals Policy

Pets are not allowed in any vehicles posted on SHAiR without the Host’s explicit, written consent. The only exception to this rule is Certified Service Animals that meet the state’s requirements for Certification. However, Renters must give the Host advance notice if they or one of their guests requires a Service Animal. Proof of Certification is required for Service Animals. Renters must submit a photo of the Certification to the Host through the app messaging feature.

If the cleaning fee is approved by SHAiR, Renters transporting animals will be charged an additional 20% inconvenience fee. See Cleaning Policy for more details. Any Hosts who request reimbursement for pet hair and/or damage from pets must provide time-stamped before and after photos of the vehicle and receipts. Renters with Service Animals are not exempt from cleaning costs.

For example: A vehicle is returned that requires cleaning from a pet and/or animal(s). The cost of cleaning ends up being $40. This, plus the additional inconvenience charge of $8 would add up to a total of $48. The Renter pays the full $48. The Host would then receive $40 plus an additional $4 for their troubles. SHAiR would receive the remaining $4 for processing.

If a Host reports that a Renter and/or their guests have transported a pet or animal without prior written consent from the Host, then the Renter may be subject to additional fees. The Renter may also be removed from the platform for violating the Terms of Service. This decision is at the sole discretion of SHAiR.

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Last updated: April 21st, 2021