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Smoking Policy

All Renters and their passengers are strictly prohibited from smoking in any vehicle booked through SHAiR. Our Smoking Policy covers the use of but is not limited to: any tobacco-related products, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers.

If there are any odors, vaporized substances, aerosol fumes, or ashes as reported by the Host to a SHAiR Team Member within 24 hours after the completed trip, the Renter may be subject to a Smoking Fine. Depending on the severity of the violation, the Renter fine may vary and the Renter may be banned from the SHAiR platform. Neither Renters nor their passengers may smoke in a vehicle, even if they believe a Host may have done so previously. Opting for the Ultimate Cleaning package does not exempt the Renter from receiving a Smoking Fine.

Additionally, Hosts are only permitted to share vehicles that are non-smoking. Hosts who smoke in their cars or who allow other parties to do so are not allowed to list their vehicles on SHAiR. If there is any indication that the above substances have been used in the vehicle, a Renter can decline to take possession of the vehicle and receive a full refund. In that situation, the Host would not receive any payment for the trip and may be removed from the SHAiR platform.

How to Report a Smoking Violation

Report a Host:

If there’s a smell indicating the use of any of the substances listed above prior to the start of the trip, Renters should:

  • immediately notify the SHAiR Team via the live chat on the SHAiR app or website and
  • not check-in for their trip.
Report a Renter:

Hosts must submit proper documentation to a SHAiR Team Member. This includes but is not limited to time-stamped before and after photos and receipts. They must also send a message detailing the incident and damages to the Renter through the SHAiR app.

Smoking Fine Fees

Host Fees:

If a Renter picks up a car and there is any indication of the use of tobacco-related products, e-cigarettes, and or vaporizers, Hosts may be charged a flat fee of $50 and may have their vehicle removed from the SHAiR platform. $40 will go to the Renter as a credit towards their next trip (not cash) and $10 will go to SHAiR for processing fees. The Renter will also receive a full refund for the trip.

Renter Fees:

If a Renter returns a Host’s vehicle and there are odors, vaporized substances, aerosol fumes, and or ashes, the Host must report it to the SHAiR Team within 24 hours of the completed trip. A minimum fine of $200 and a maximum of $500 for cars valued over $135,000 will be charged to the Renter. At SHAiR’s discretion, the Renter may also be removed from the SHAiR platform.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, You can contact us:

  • By email:
  • Toll-free: 1.844.474.2478 (i SHAiR 8)
Last updated: Sept 20, 2021