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Your Ferrari Rental
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You Deserve It

Chances are, you’re looking for a very particular car rental experience: a Ferrari rental that can keep up with you and your exciting plans. Here’s where SHAiR, your new favorite peer-to-peer car sharing platform, comes in.

With as little as 24 hours' notice, you can book your dream, Ferrari. All without filling out any paperwork (or making any small talk). Simply meet the Host at the designated pick-up spot, snap a few photos of the car, and then ride off into the sunset in your dream Ferrari.


Electrifying and Exciting

When Ferrari came onto the scene in 1947, no one could have anticipated the impact it would have on cars and racing.

Today, the Ferrari logo and name are synonymous with passion, excellence, and exclusivity. Despite its widespread success, Ferrari has continued to hold onto this exclusive image, having sold only 9,119 cars.

Want to be one of the lucky few to drive these amazing vehicles? Rent a Ferrari today.

Our Favorite Ferrari Models


Ferrari California

Italian design meets American personality in the Ferrari California. With its classic 1950’s shape and signature leather finishes, this car epitomizes relaxed luxury. Roll its retractable hard top down for a lazy beach day. Or, take advantage of the thrumming V8 engine for a quick weekend getaway.


Ferrari 488 GTB

Fast forward two decades and you’ve got the Ferrari 488 GTB, a sporty convertible that takes its cues from the 70’s. Building on the success of the 308 GTB, the 488 GTB offers unbeatable efficiency and performance. For example, its state-of-the-art damping system and electronic control system allow it to go from 1st to 4th gear in just 6 seconds.


Ferrari 488 Spider

To have a truly classic experience, rent out a red Ferrari Spider. This open-top sports car takes advantage of an Aero Pillar to reduce oncoming air pressure and increase acceleration. Plus, its side slip angle control system will allow you to take on the sharpest curves with the greatest of ease.